WEG Bank AG expands its crypto-affine banking business in its new FinTech arm "TEN31 Bank"

1 year ago on December 16, 2019

WEG Bank AG remains true to its innovative spirit: for the first time in the history of WEG Bank AG/TEN 31 Bank, employees were paid their bonus in Bitcoin. Not only the bank itself, but also the employees themselves have thus arrived in the FinTech world.

Matthias von Hauff, founder and CEO of WEG Bank AG, announced:

As a pioneer in crypto-affine banking, this was the next important step. This should make WEG Bank/TEN31 Bank one of the first companies in Europe to issue part of its salary payment in digital currency.

The vision of completing the TEN31 ecosystem with strategically selected partners from the FinTech industry is also taking shape. The next partnerships are already in the pipeline. Further details will be announced at the beginning of the new year.

In the meantime, TEN31 Bank will continue to develop its services as planned. As a result of this expansion, WEG Bank AG/TEN 31 Bank will expand from January 2020. Motivated employees who want to play an active role in this new development are very welcome!

About WEG Bank/ TEN31 Bank

"Always one step ahead." With this mission, the German WEG Bank AG has dedicated itself since its foundation to the housing industry as a specialist institute and has secured a role as a leading institute for WEGs and property managers. With the founding of the "TEN31" venture, the institute remains true to its innovative spirit and establishes a second product line: banking services in innovative payment transactions. TEN31 focuses in particular on the everyday usability of digital currencies with the aim of providing real added value for all parties involved. TEN31 is the bridge between conventional banking and the blockchain world.

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