VRMandat.com implements payments with cryptocurrencies and NIM is accepted

Reading Time: 2 minutes ;  Published: 5 months ago on August 28, 2021

VRMandat.com now offers three cryptocurrencies for payment: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Nimiq (NIM). Payments are made directly from the customer's wallet to VRMandat.com's wallet without a middleman. The digital matchmaking platform for administrative boards has recognized the spirit of the times and also offers cryptocurrencies as a payment method to its customers.

Created by Nimiq in Costa Rica / Germany and the Swiss company Ontius, the version of the cryptopayment.link solution developed by Nimiq makes it easy to accept cryptocurrency directly without a middleman. The CHF price is converted to the current market value of the chosen cryptocurrency at the time of payment. Customers then have up to 15 minutes to make the crypto payment from their wallets.

With the implementation of these digital payment methods, the platform was also expanded to include the technology of blockchain. The prospective board members can now select "blockchain technology" or "cryptography" in their personal skillset in addition to existing skills such as: "affinity for technology", "innovation", "digitalization", "security" and thus present themselves to the searching companies – because these aspects are becoming increasingly important.

Generations X and Y ready to take over the stage

A recent evaluation of the VRMandat.com database revealed that of the more than 1,500 profiles – i.e. potential board members – around 60 percent belong to Generations X and Y (Millennials). The rise of this age group is also accompanied by an increase in competencies and knowledge related to topics such as digitalization, ethics, sustainability, agility, resilience, inclusion and diversity competencies, etc.

It is still the case that the majority of board mandates in Switzerland – especially in SMEs – are awarded in the close network of trust of the existing board members rather than according to experience and ability. VRMandat.com offers an alternative to this by anonymizing all applicant profiles and evaluating suitable board candidates solely on the basis of experience, skills and values. By means of digitalized processes, companies are thus offered an efficient way to increase their management competence, diversification and independence in the supervisory bodies.

Source: https://www.geldinstitute.de/business/2021/vrmandat-com-implementiert-zahlungen-mit-kryptowaehrungen.html