Nimiq Wallet to Add Support for Unstoppable Domains NFTs

Reading Time: 2 minutes ;  Published: 8 months ago on September 30, 2021

The Nimiq Wallet, the official crypto web wallet for the Nimiq blockchain, added support for Unstoppable Domains. Nimiq uses the IBAN format for addresses with identicons to allow the user to easily identify addresses, which already makes handling accounts a transactions much easier and secure than other blockchains. But now by adding support for Unstoppable Domains it will extend the ease of use also to Bitcoin, which is supported by the wallet. The user could now potentially use the Unstoppable Domains's NFTs to replace lengthy wallet addresses with short usernames, helping them to easily transact now with any other coin or token that could also be supported by the wallet.

The Nimiq wallet provides a fast and simple web application for accessing the Nimiq blockchain directly from any web browser, with the user being the only one with full control of their private keys. The wallet supports BTC and buying, selling or exchanging crypto and fiat via atomic swaps using Nimiq OASIS. The wallet has been designed with ease of use as one of the main goals, to have the best user experience posible for a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet. Given that it connects directly to the blockchain using nothing but web technologies available on any regular browsers, the wallet requires no installation, nor connection to third a party servers running a blockchain node, nor the installation of any kind of browser extensions. It's accesible on any web browsers on desktop, mobile, and in many languages.

Unstoppable Domains recently announced integrations with other wallets including TrustWallet,, Cake Wallet, and BRD. In the coming months, the company expects more than 50 wallets and exchanges in its network to begin resolving all top-level domains offered. All of Unstoppable Domains' blockchain usernames are minted as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, providing owners with full control and no renewal fees.