New Alliance Aims to Replace Crypto Wallet Addresses with “.Wallet” Usernames

Reading Time: 3 minutes ;  Published: 7 months ago on October 30, 2021

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".wallet" usernames will be the new standard, streamlining peer-to-peer crypto transactions for 40+  million users

NFT domain name provider Unstoppable Domains and 30 of the world's leading wallets, including Trust Wallet, imToken, BRD Wallet, and MyEtherWallet today introduced the .Wallet Alliance, an open collaboration across crypto wallets to simplify peer-to-peer crypto transactions and break down the silos that exist in traditional payment systems. This new group of wallets, representing 40 million users, is teaming up to establish a new global standard for peer-to-peer crypto transactions using Unstoppable Domains' simple, easily-readable .wallet NFT Domains.

In the coming months, wallet holders across the world will be able to use these .wallet usernames to replace lengthy alphanumeric wallet addresses across most major wallets, making it easier than ever to transfer 275+ cryptocurrencies and tokens across a growing number of apps, wallets and exchanges. As of today, nearly 100,000 .wallet NFT domains have already been purchased from

"Unlike fiat payment apps that are closed off and limited by your location, Unstoppable Domains provides global, interoperable payments between hundreds of wallets, apps, and services. By establishing .wallet as the username of choice for peer-to-peer payments, this alliance of wallets is taking this unparalleled user experience a step further," said Matthew Gould, Founder and CEO of Unstoppable Domains. "Simple usernames that work across all wallets globally take the fear and risk out of spending crypto. We're excited to work with these 30+ wallets to make crypto transactions an everyday reality for millions, then billions of people and we invite other wallets to join our alliance."

Much like how fiat payment apps usernames made it easy to send USD, Unstoppable Domains' .wallet usernames take the hassle and fear out of sending crypto. Through this collaboration, Unstoppable Domains and this alliance of wallets will work together to integrate support for .wallet extensions across additional wallet and exchange partners to accelerate decentralized peer-to-peer transactions.

"We are confident that this collaboration brings us closer to making wallets the standard for peer-to-peer crypto payments globally. Compared to traditional peer-to-peer payment platforms which are closed silos, blockchain domains give choice and power back to the people who can exchange money with confidence. With Unstoppable Domains' .wallet usernames, sending cryptocurrencies and tokens is just as easy as sending an email," said MyEtherWallet CEO Kosala Hemachandra.

Many of these providers will soon add the option for new and existing users to create a .wallet NFT domain username directly from their apps. This new alliance will accelerate the adoption of crypto payments, and change the way crypto is sent around the world.

"The goal of crypto wallet providers is to make digital payments accessible for users of all levels. Standardizing crypto usernames across the ecosystem should be an industry-wide effort to usher in the massesThe alliance with Unstoppable Domains is a win for the millions of current and future users who can now create a wallet username and ditch the complexity of transacting in crypto." – Adam Traidman, Co-founder and CEO of BRD

The .wallet Alliance 
The founding members of the .wallet Alliance include: imtoken, MyEtherWallet, BRD, Cake Wallet, Birdchain, Litewallet, 1inch, Nimiq Wallet, OWNR Wallet, Digifox, Klever, CoinFlip, ArcBlock (DID Wallet), Portis Wallet, Elastos Essentials, Iotex (ioPay Wallet), Bitinka, Avalanche Wallet, Mercuryo, Bacoor / HB Wallet, Trust Wallet, HASH Wallet, Xumm,, Lobstr, Throughbit, Chipper Cash, and Wombat.

Unstoppable Domains
Unstoppable Domains supports more than 275 cryptocurrencies across 50+ wallets and exchanges. The company has sold more than 1.4 million NFT domain names, which are minted as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain to provide users with full ownership and control. Users can purchase domain names using USDC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, PayPal, or a credit card. In addition to .wallet, these partners will also be supporting all of Unstoppable's 10 domain name extensions including .crypto, .blockchain, .nft, and now .wallet.

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