Where to spend your NIM

Reading Time: 4 minutes ;  Published: 1 year ago on January 30, 2022

If you already have some NIM and are wondering where you can spend it then this blog post is for you. Below is a list of establishments and online stores where NIM is accepted as a form of payment. Please note that the list is by no means exhaustive and may not be up to date. For a more complete list you can visit the official Nimiq website with the list of ecosystem applications and directories that keep track of most of the establishments and online stores where you can pay with NIM.

Nimiq Shop

The Nimiq project devs of created Nimiq Shop using the popular content management system WordPress and the WooCommerse plugin. The store is powered by a plugin developed by the team to process payments with NIM . The plugin is free and open source and can be installed directly from the WordPress directory.

At the Nimiq Shop you can find swags related to the Nimiq project, such as T-shirts, hoodies or caps with the Nimiq logo, as well as a selection of products for crypto-enthusiasts and crypto holders, such as the Ledger hardware wallet and steel wallets.

Although the store was created to exemplify the use of NIM as a payment currency, the store is fully functional and purchases made from there are shipped to you either directly by the Nimiq Team or through the company that handles the inventory and shipping of products for them.

Kind Humans

This online store could quickly become one of your favorites when it comes to buying eco-friendly products. From toothbrushes made from bamboo to a handmade wireless mouse also made from bamboo.

Kind Humans makes use of the Nimiq blockchain to process payments on NIM and to keep a public record with the HASH of each report issued by the company making them tamper-proof.

Nimiq Game Store

If you are interested in hobbies like playing video games, here you will find a selection of titles that you can purchase directly with NIM. The video games are for the Steam platform and you will receive the code to claim your copy by email within a few minutes of making the payment.

The website was developed by a member of the Nimiq community as an example of how easy it is to integrate NIM payments functionality into any website using WordPress.

Nimiq Vouchers

If the video game you are looking for is not on the previous website, on this other website also developed by members of the Nimiq community, you can find vouchers, coupons and gift cards to pay for your purchase in online stores such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation and Steam among others. You will also be able to find several cell phone operators from your country to recharge the balance of your mobile phone with NIM.

Silicon Paradise

If you plan to travel to Costa Rica at some point, remember that also there in the Santa Teresa area that the Nimiq team have made known as Silicon Paradise, there are several service providers that accept NIM as a form of payment.

In Santa Teresa is where most of the development of the Nimiq project is taking place, and the Nimiq Team has been in charge of making NIM known as a payment alternative for the locals too, getting establishments the area to also accept NIM as a means of payment.

You will find accommodation, surf camps, traditional and gourmet food, Japanese food, ATVs, clothes, items related to surf and even artwork made from recycled plastic material, and you can pay for all of that directly with NIM.

Salamentex POS

The Nimiq project has partnered with Salamantex, a POS provider in Austria, to offer NIM as a payment option available directly on their devices. Already more than a hundred merchants have the service available and many more will be added gradually.


Finally, if you are a Nimiq OG in Australia, that is, one of those who adopted and started accumulating Nimiq from the very beginning of the project, this option is probably for you. AusChauffeur car rental service in Australia also accepts Nimiq as a means of payment.