How to start receiving payments in NIM

Reading Time: 4 minutes ;  Published: 12 months ago on May 30, 2022

NIM is the cryptocurrency of the browser-native blockchain Nimiq. It is native because users can connect directly to the blockchain to receive and send transactions with nothing but their web browsers and without having to install plugins or applications developed by third parties.

While the vast majority of blockchains—including Bitcoin and Ethereum—are not natively supported in browsers—nor does there appear to be plans for it in the near future—you can already use Nimiq to receive payments on your website in a variety of ways, with no payment gateways, no middlemen, and free of cost. Here are several options in order of difficulty, and if you don't have a Nimiq account yet, you can create one in less than 20 seconds here to start receiving payments.

Donation button

At the official Nimiq website there is a page to create custom donation buttons. Simply go to and there you will be presented with a field to enter your Nimiq address. You can also select your address using the official wallet—if you already have an account created and loaded—by clicking on the button below the field to enter the address.

You will then be presented with some options to customize the button, and even a QR code that you can also place anywhere on your website to receive donations with wallets that can scan the code.

After customizing your button you can copy the code that appears in one of the supported formats, such as HTML. This code, once placed on your web page, will generate a button that is presented to the user and when clicked opens the official Nimiq wallet with your address pre-selected for the user to send the donation there.

Crypto Payment Link

If you are thinking about how you can specify the amount you want to receive in the payment and your local currency then Crypto Payment Link is for you. This option is non-custodial, meaning that the payment goes directly from the client to your wallet. All the service does is calculate the exchange rate at the time the payment is made and notifies you via email that the payment has been made.

To use this service you only need to go to and there you will be presented with a page with the wizard to enter the required information. First you will be asked to enter the description of the goods or service and the amount. Currently the service only has the option of USD, EUR and CRC but more currencies will be added in the future.

You will then be asked to enter the name of your establishment or store and the email address where you will receive the payment notification.

Then you will need to enter your Nimiq address or select an address from the official wallet. Optionally you can also enter your addresses to receive payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum if you prefer.

Once you have entered the addresses to receive the payment you will be presented with the link that you can send to the user or customer for they to do the payment. You are also presented with the option to process the payment over the counter using the official wallet to generate the QR code that you can show to the customer.

WooCommerce plugin

If your website uses the popular WordPress content management system along with WooCommerce for your online shop this option is the one that might suit you best. You can install the plugin from the admin panel on your website by searching for Nimiq Checkout in the plugins directory or from

The plugin supports Nimiq, Bitcoin and Ethereum and does the conversion automatically between the currency used on your online store and the crypto amount at the current market rate. It is non-custodial and free so you receive payments automatically in your own wallet without having to pay fees to payment gateways.

The plugin is currently in use in the official Nimiq swag shop, and the Kind Humans eco-friendly shop, among others. You will also find more stores using this plugin here.

Official library integration

Finally if you have knowledge of HTML and JavaScript the Nimiq development center has everything you need to integrate the Nimiq blockchain directly into your website or web application