How to play to earn free Nimiq

Reading Time: 2 minutes ;  Published: 1 year ago on May 31, 2022

Do you love playing games? Of course, you do. I mean who doesn't right??? Yeah, you also love cryptocurrency because you're here. So, I have good news, you can play and earn some Nimiq. I know when people say "there is a great play to earn game man you've got to try it" but there is always a catch like you need to pay first and then maybe you can earn enough to cover what you've paid before. Or it's not even worth trying cause you need to play 456646 days to earn 0.0000000001. So that's why I love this two games I wanted to talk about.


It's a browser game, so you don't have to install anything. It's an interesting twist on the well known Tetris game but with blocks that fall to a rotating hexagonal shaped floor. When several blocks of the sabe color are in contact after falling you score some points and they desapegar clearing some room. The controls are similar to Tetris, but you make the whole hexagonal floor rotate with the arrow keys left and right, or make the blocks accelerate with the down key. Every now and then the game increases the speed automatically and drops multiple blocks simultaneously in a row. The game controls are a bit clunky when playing on mobile devices but for that you might want to try the next game.

Nimiq Sunset Cyberspace

The second one is a mobile game called Nimiq Sunset Cyberspace. It's an endless runner game for Android where you fly in a path avoiding to collide with the obstacles while collecting hexagonal coins to score points. The game is fast paced but can be played several times in a row before you have to watch some ads to continue.

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