Appendix 6: Incubator Disciplinary Rules

Reading Time: 2 minutes ;  Published: 1 year ago on May 26, 2020

TotalCrypto advises the deployment of the following incubee rules to help ensure the smooth operation of the incubator:

Rule 1 (soft infraction): Each incubee must spend at least 40 hours a month working or learning in the incubator. Time for each incubee will be measured through off site analysis of time logs generated by the smart locks placed on the doors of incubator workspace. Random spot checks will be used to verify the timestamps of incubees and webcam footage will be used in this verification process.

Rule 2 (hard infraction): All revenue generated must be sent to bank accounts, web wallets or crypto wallets controlled by participating crypto projects. Failure to comply will be viewed as an attempt to steal from the incubator.

Rule 3 (hard infraction): Abuse of incubator contributors, gatekeepers or local office employees will not be tolerated. A participating crypto project disciplinary panel will assess the claims of abuse through webcam or video call footage. A majority decision is required to eject a incubee from the incubator. 

Rule 4 (hard infraction): Intentional damage or theft of office property. Damage to property reduces the learning opportunities of others and cannot be tolerated. Evidence will be presented to the disciplinary panel and a unanimous verdict is required to eject the incubee. If an incubee is ejected in these circumstances the evidence will be submitted to local authorities as a criminal act.

Rule 5 (hard infraction): Any illegal activity. This covers both business operations and personnel conduct within incubator workspace.

How Are Infractions Handled?

It is advised that the following processes are used to deal with soft infractions from incubees:

  1. First infraction should result in the whole incubees team being a verbal warning by the gatekeeper.
  2. A second infraction should lead to a written warning from the team of the participating crypto project. 
  3. A third infraction should result in the whole team being ejected from the incubator.

If a team is ejected from the incubator, it is advised that the following steps will be taken:

  • Incubator salary payments should be stopped immediately. A final salary payment for the current month should be made and no other payments will be made thereafter. 
  • A new incubee team would replace the ejected team and be entered into the incubator (see selection process section).
  • Smart lock access to incubator workspace should be revoked immediately.

Teams may pick up multiple infractions. It is advised that ejection only occurs if one team member commits three soft infractions themselves. TotalCrypto recommends that a hard infraction should result in the immediate ejection of the whole team from the incubator, unless a member of the business units team reports the infraction to a representative from an involved crypto project. If a team member reports the infraction, then it’s recommended that only the offender will be ejected from the incubator.

The team punishments recommend for infractions are designed to promote self policing.

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