How To Use & Contribute To The Crypto Adoption Proposal?

Reading Time: 3 minutes ;  Published: 3 years ago on May 26, 2020

The Crypto Adoption Proposal is an ambitious, potentially daunting, project that welcomes your participation to create the best version of itself possible. To give new users a springboard to engage with it, here is a basic guide on how to use

The proposal has been created with the idea of collaborative editing in mind. This means that the proposal can evolve over time. The ultimate goal is to add to the debate, create a refined blueprint for cryptocurrency adoption and for cryptocurrency projects to potentially execute the proposal.

How To Comment On A Section?

Section comments are vital to help evaluate the current text in a section. Your opinion really does matter and we encourage you to share your thoughts. To comment on any page, you’ll see on the bottom of every page that you need to register an account and be logged in.

Register An Account

Head to any page on and you’ll see a ‘Register button at the top of the page. Click this button to create an account in seconds.

Once you have entered in your username, name, and email, you’ll be taken to a login screen and will be sent your password via email. Enter your details to log in to your account. 

Now you will see a discussion box at the bottom of every page for you to share your thoughts on the Crypto Adoption Plan. Type in your comment, preview it and click save. Your comment will then be posted for everyone to see.

No images can be inserted into comments. This is to keep the comments section as concise and readable as possible. However, external links may be added through two different means:

  1. Posting the link in the comment section e.g.
  2. Linking anchor text can be achieved by entering the following in the discussion box:

Replace ‘’ with the URL you wish to link too and replace ‘This anchor text points to google’ with the anchor text you wish to use.

How To Edit A Section?

You can propose changes on any part of the crypto adoption proposal. To propose a change, you must first create a account and be logged in. Next, head to the section you wish to edit and click the pencil icon.

This will then bring up the editor and you are free to make any suggested changes you want. Links can be inserted into main body text edits using the same method as for the comments section. 

When making edits, it is considered good practice to include a brief explanation for the edit proposed. This will give admins more information to evaluate the edit and either reject or accept it.

What Is The Editing Process?

Suggested edits will not be shown on instantly. Once an edit is submitted, it will then be reviewed by admins. If two admins approve the edit then it will then be pushed live and reflected on the site.

Wrap Up

Now you know the basics of how to collaborate and discuss the Crypto Adoption Plan. We’re grateful that you wish to help further refine this proposal to push forward crypto adoption and hope you enjoy participating in this new community. Let's make crypto adoption happen together!

Still unsure on how to do something and need some help? Please just check out the extensive manual.