Location: Selecting A Case Study Area – Motivation

Reading Time: 2 minutes ;  Published: 3 years ago on May 26, 2020

Considerable thought and consideration should be put into the selection of the potential case study location to increase the chances of sowing the seeds of crypto adoption in the area. Quite simply, the perfect plan with perfect execution is highly likely to fail if deployed in the wrong area. That outcome would result in a loss of resources for crypto projects such as Nimiq and would likely limit the academic value of these proposed efforts. The primary goals of case study selection are:

  • The identification of communities that have the greatest chance of crypto adoption.
  • To filter out case study areas that are of an inappropriate size which cannot be properly resourced.
  • To devise a process that can be replicated to successfully identify communities which have a high chance of cryptocurrency adoption. This case study selection process can then be reused and further refined by others interested in deploying future cryptocurrency adoption case studies. This initial groundwork and map should help increase the chances of successful cryptocurrency adoption in future endeavours.

On a broader level, the developed case study selection process aims to add to the debate on cryptocurrency adoption and help lay the foundations for a greater understanding of the topic. TotalCrypto advises that any research undertaken is shared with the public and made available for others to use, theorise and build their own models or processes for crypto adoption.

When it comes to the academic study of cryptocurrencies, the vast majority of academic endeavours are focused on the theoretical aspects of blockchain technology. Currently, no widely accepted or verified roadmap exists for cryptocurrency adoption. This presents both a massive challenge and opportunity.

TotalCrypto proposes the creation and refinement of a clear roadmap to cryptocurrency adoption and believes this will have the following benefits:

  • Increased study should create a wealth of research that can be leveraged by the cryptocurrency community and academics to deepen understanding on crypto adoption. Research generated in this proposed project can be used and built upon later by others theorising on how cryptocurrency mass adoption could happen.
  • This research should also add to the debate of which community or location is likely to adopt cryptocurrency first. 
  • The creation and refinement of a clear roadmap to cryptocurrency adoption can lead to increased interest and understanding of the topic in both academic and mainstream communities.
  • The proposed case study may be successful and create a verified blueprint for cryptocurrency adoption that can be scaled across many other future case study locations.

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