Marketing: How to Approach

Reading Time: < 1 minute ;  Published: 1 year ago on May 26, 2020

It is advised that marketing efforts are content driven and do not leverage extremely expensive placements. TotalCrypto believes that a serious case study, with backing from academics and charities, would be one of the leading cryptocurrency adoption efforts in the space. Not only should this appeal to cryptocurrency focused publications, it should be of interest to more mainstream publications as well. 

Great content built around the cryptocurrency communities efforts in the area of crypto adoption is vital. However, the distribution method of this message is even more important. It needs to reach the editors of high authority publications and be presented in a way that editors simply have to give crypto positive news coverage. 

To achieve this content distribution outcome, TotalCrypto advises using a press release service like Cision. For around $300, the service sends the communication to hundreds or thousands of editors and journalists working at relevant publications. TotalCrypto can also leverage their network of cryptocurrency websites and YouTubers to get guest posts and video coverage detailing crypto adoption efforts on highly relevant and topical websites. Other website guest post opportunities can also be identified and followed up on.

In addition to these marketing efforts, it is recommended that creatives and content are created to share with the cryptocurrency community on social channels such as Reddit, Telegram and Twitter. 

TotalCrypto believes that such a strategy will not only be impactful and cost efficient, but also allows for news about the case study to go viral in an organic way.

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