Partnerships: Charities

Reading Time: < 1 minute ;  Published: 1 year ago on May 26, 2020

i) Motivation

TotalCrypto envisions that official partnerships with local charities would create the following benefits and value for the case study:

Information sharing should give participating crypto projects a better understanding on how things are on the ground. For, example how prevalent is smartphone ownership in the area? Charities could provide assistance in the event the case study was deployed in the area. Charities generally have a network of trustworthy local people operating in the area. This network could prove invaluable when it comes to the practicalities of case study deployment. A likely source of reliable ‘gatekeepers’ is from local charity connections. We’ll talk more about ‘gatekeepers’ later. However, these personnel will be vital for the successful operation of a local exchange and incubator.

ii) How to Approach

Case study location research would have already identified charities operating in the case study and established initial contact through outreach. The next step is formalising and defining this partnership/collaboration through phone calls and electronic communication. 

Maintaining an excellent working relationships with charities collaborating with participating crypto projects is essential to coordinate assets on the ground.

iii) Key Questions

What type of assistance are local charities willing and able to provide crypto projects with? Can charities connect crypto projects with useful contacts on the ground and gatekeepers? What amount of compensation is required for help? Are local charities willing to officially partner up with cryptocurrency companies?

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