Gatekeeper Monitoring

Reading Time: < 1 minute ;  Published: 1 year ago on May 26, 2020

Using gatekeepers does come with problems. The chief issue is abuse of power. TotalCrypto advises putting the following checks and balances in place to minimize the potential for abuse.

  • The educational video showing how to use the cryptocurrencies of the participating projects must have a contact email to report abuse from the gatekeeper.
  • Webcams are to be placed within the local office. This is for the gatekeepers protection and also serves as a way of monitoring gatekeeper behaviour in the office.
  • There should be a weekly Skype call with the local team. It is important that the gatekeeper is not present or in earshot (verifiable through office webcam monitoring). The call will be taken by an offsite translator. This call fulfills two main purposes:
    • It gives the locals another method to raise any concerns they may have with the gatekeeper e.g. unethical or exploitative behaviour. 
    • It also serves as a way to gather more information on how the case study is performing, the levels of crypto adoption and identification of additional opportunities to increase it.

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