Onboarding Educational Video Creation

Reading Time: 2 minutes ;  Published: 1 year ago on May 26, 2020

TotalCrypto recommends that two types of video are created in the native language of the case study area.

1) An educational video targeted at the whole population of the case study location. It is envisioned that this video would be shown to everyone in the case study area that wishes to claim their free cryptocurrency. TotalCrypto recommends that the following is included in this video:

  • A simple explanation of what cryptocurrency is.
  • An easy walkthrough on how to use the cryptos of the participating cryptocurrency projects.
  • A short explanation of how the exchange will work in the local office.
  • A whistleblower email address should be displayed to allow locals to report any abuse of power.
  • A brief explanation of the incubator and the opportunities it will bring to the local community and individuals.
  • The process to register interest in applying to join the incubator in the form of a special email address.
  • The video should end by notifying the viewer that there are additional incentives for entrepreneurs in the area. Entrepreneurs should make themselves known to the gatekeeper or incubator staff after the video ends.

2) A local entrepreneur onboarding video. It is key that local shop owners understand the value of accepting crypto as a payment method. Without the support of local entrepreneurs, it’s highly likely that crypto will fail to be used as a true medium of exchange in the case study area. It is recommended that this video includes the following points:

  • Local entrepreneurs can exchange an unlimited amount of cryptocurrency for local currency with the local exchange at the global exchange rate (no fee).
  • If crypto wallets held by entrepreneurs reach a certain threshold, they will receive a introductory monthly bonus of 5% every month at the exchange. To claim this, they would have to go the exchange and show their wallet balance and be fingerprinted to stop double claims. The idea is that this would encourage a saving culture and to disincentivize entrepreneurs from cashing out all their crypto straight away.
  • The security benefits of using cryptocurrency over physical cash.
  • It should be explained that a significant amount of crypto has been injected into the local economy and that there is a great opportunity to grow their businesses by accepting it as a payment method. 
  • These videos could be subtitled and reused as marketing content.

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