Identifying a Case Study Location, Charities & Academic Help

Reading Time: < 1 minute ;  Published: 1 year ago on May 26, 2020

The first phase of executing this proposed plan would be research based and focused on generating a final shortlist of three recommended case study locations. Targeted academic help would also be sought to further refine this adoption blueprint and suggest possible locations for the case study. 

Part of this research process would also be dedicated to assessing the local help that participating crypto projects could get on the ground. The availability of trustworthy local help would play a key role in shortlisting case study locations. After all, without boots on the ground, this whole adoption plan would be unviable.

TotalCrypto recommends that this initial research phase ends with the production of a ‘Case Study Recommendation Report’. This report would aggregate research, shortlist the top three recommended case study locations and detail the pros and cons of each shortlisted selection. It is advised that this report is shared with the team of participating crypto projects and their communities to decide on the prefered location choice.

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