Case Study: Initial Criteria

Reading Time: < 1 minute ;  Published: 1 year ago on May 26, 2020

The following criteria have been put forward to help in this assessment:

  • The community size must be one that participating crypto projects can resource properly.
  • Is the local fiat currency experiencing rapid inflation? 
  • Can cryptocurrency projects get trustworthy local help on the ground to assist with running the operation?
  • Research into local literacy rates.
  • Assessment of local trust levels of financial institutions and government.
  • The presence of government imposed capital controls in the region.
  • Assessment of internet and mobile data coverage in shortlisted case study locations.
  • An assessment into the availability of items like local offices, computer equipment and local wages.
  • A safety assessment of the local area based on crime statistics and the strength of the rule of law.
  • Assessment of the levels of community exclusion from traditional banking services in case study candidate locations e.g. there is no bank located within 30 miles of the case study location. 
  • It is recommended that the target case study area should be at least a days walk (at least 30 miles) from a larger population centre. This is to ensure that the case study area is as contained as possible. Locations with much bigger population centres nearby could present problems, such as people travelling to get free cryptocurrency. This could result in case study dilution or see project costs spiral out of control.
    • The exception to this is refugees camps if the movement of people is restricted.
  • Legal counsel would be consulted to determine if there is any legal impediment to project execution in the preferred local region. 

The final result should be the selection of a well thought through case study location with no legal impediment. The contacts and price quotes for local help should also be made during this phase.

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