Qualitative Research: Professional Networks

Reading Time: 2 minutes ;  Published: 1 year ago on May 26, 2020

TotalCrypto recommends leveraging their professional network to provide further insights on the project and provide focus when searching for an appropriate case study location. This will take the form of informal individual interviews and observations arrived at through discussion.

  • Contacts at Latin American legal publications would be consulted to provide input when shortlisting suitable case study locations.
  • TotalCrypto has access to contacts who are fluently bilingual. In addition, some have lived for years in the Latin American region and have a good understanding of local culture. This is by no means intended to restrict the search to Latin America only.
  • Jeremy Gunson: Is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Manchester. Past academic achievements include a first class honours in Latin American Studies from the University of Liverpool in 2010 and an MA in Anthropological Research at the University of Manchester.

He has spent the last four years working on his research paper ‘Alternative Currencies and Social Movements: the case of the Mercado Alternativo Túmin’. Jeremy spent 18 months in the field and worked with an alternative (physical) currency network in Mexico to conduct his field research.

Mr Gunson’s research focuses are money, exchange, value, creativity and social movements. TotalCrypto thinks he is a great match for lending his expertise to this potential project and can provide valuable hands on experience and insight into further refining this blueprint. 

TotalCrypto can be given a warm introduction to Mr Gunson. The introducer studied with Jeremy at University and has briefly explained the proposed project to him. Mr Gunson has already said he is interested in hearing more about the project and potentially assisting us with his insights and contacts. 

Forging a strong working relationship with Mr Gunson can lead to the following outcomes:

  • Further refinement of the case study design from both an operational and academic value standpoint.
  • Recommendations for case study locations.
  • Further academic introductions to scholars in relevant fields.
  • Introductions to organisations and contacts who could potentially assist on the ground for case study candidate locations.
  • Mr Gunson could play an active role in the adoption efforts and provide hands-on expertise.

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