The Case Study Recommendation Report

Reading Time: 2 minutes ;  Published: 1 year ago on May 26, 2020

The purpose of this report is to consolidate all research into a single document. The goal is make it easy for the teams of participating cryptocurrency projects and their communities to assess the pros and cons of each shortlisted location. It is recommended that this report is prepared as a standalone document, which requires no previous knowledge of the proposed adoption plan.

The introductory section of this document will explain the problems that are preventing wider cryptocurrency adoption. Quite simply, there is no pressing need for people to go out there and adopt a peer to peer currency (outside of ideological reasons concerning custody of funds or speculation) if a nation has a stable fiat currency. This section of the report will explain why nations with fiat currency problems could be the most likely candidates for cryptocurrency adoption.

TotalCrypto advises that the ‘Case Study Recommendation Report’ should provide a final shortlist of the three best locations for cryptocurrency adoption. As legal counsel has not been consulted yet, the three shortlisted candidates must be in separate countries. This means if there is a legal impediment to pursuing the first choice case study location, then legal opinion can be sought for second preferred option.

The report should explain the logic behind the selection of each location in straightforward English that is backed up by hard data. The idea is to make this report readable and accessible to anyone. Many cryptocurrency projects release documentation that is not simple to understand, limiting their audience. Evidence of this can be seen in the rise of popular cryptocurrency guide and ‘how to’ websites such as and

It is recommended that a refined cost breakdown is provided in the report for each shortlisted case study location. TotalCrypto advises the inclusion of the following:

  • Legal quotes.
  • Cost estimates for the local office.
  • Estimated cost of local help.
  • Estimated cost of incubator equipment.
  • An estimate of the amount of airdropped crypto for each case study location would be provided. It is proposed that this would be calculated by: 

Population size (according to the latest data) * two weeks average salary in the case study area = Estimated total amount of cryptocurrency to be distributed in the case study location.

The report should also contain relevant findings and quotes obtained through outreach campaigns.

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