Gatekeeper Outreach

Reading Time: 2 minutes ;  Published: 1 year ago on May 26, 2020

For the successful deployment of the case study, it is advised that at least one gatekeeper is hired (preferably two to mitigate the risk of key man dependency and reduce the centralization of power). The role of the gatekeeper is to manage the everyday operation of the local exchange and monitor the incubator.

Gatekeepers should have been found previously via the following means:

  1. Academics who wish to do field work in the case study location.
  2. Recommended contacts from academics.
  3. Charity employees operating in the local area.
  4. Recommended contacts from charities operating in the region.

In the event no gatekeeper has been found, then there are the following outreach solutions:

  • Advertise the position to the communities of participating cryptocurrency projects as a salaried role. It would be important that part of this would be paid in the coin of the project so that interests are aligned. 
  • Advertise the role openly. 

The are many non-technical people wanting to secure jobs in the cryptocurrency niche. This opportunity gives them that chance and the potential to play a big role in potentially disrupting traditional charity and human development models. 

A suitable number of gatekeepers must be onboarded and be committed to the project before the case study deployment phase is considered for execution.

Gatekeeper Considerations:

  • The gatekeeper should be properly vetted before they are authorized to act on behalf of participating crypto projects. This includes a rigorous interview process, due diligence into background and criminal record check.
  • The ideal candidate would be recommended from a trusted source such as a charity or academic scholar who has worked in person in previous field work.

Recommended Gatekeeper Key Attributes:

  • Must be fluent in the native language and speak English.
  • Be trustworthy and of good character.
  • Hold a driving licence.
  • Be able to commit to the case study project for at least a year.
  • Be reasonably tech savvy and be capable of understanding how to process cryptocurrency transactions.

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