Mass Academic Outreach

Reading Time: 2 minutes ;  Published: 1 year ago on May 26, 2020

Next, TotalCrypto recommends mass academic outreach to gain as much academic interest and engagement with the case study as possible. After all, this case study should generate a lot of data that has value to the academic community.

Projects like Cardano have focused on technical academic research. However, we are not aware of any project that has promoted research on the macro and wider implications of cryptocurrency adoption. We believe that this this area of study could be exceptionally important for the future of cryptocurrencies and is well worth contributing to. The academic outreach campaign serves two functions:

  • To ensure that the case study has the maximum amount of academic value possible.
    • Additional refinements to the methodology can be made after academic peer review. E.g. are there additional data points that can be generated to enhance the projects usefulness in academic study?
    • Additional help from academics could add value to overall execution of the case study e.g. additional contacts on the ground or some academics may volunteer themselves to live in the case study location so that they can undertake fieldwork.
    • Securing academic support in terms of writing research papers on the case study.
  • Academics agreeing to be associated with the initiative and actively contributing to the case study project will further enhance the profile of participating cryptocurrency projects. 

The proposed goals of the academic outreach campaign are:

  • To gain agreements in principle for academic professors to write papers on the case study. Agreement should be reached that participating cryptocurrency projects have the right to publish academic papers (related to the study) on their official websites.
  • To gain a better insight on how the case study may be further refined to increase its academic value. E.g. are there additional data points that can be generated to enhance the projects usefulness in academic study?
  • Participating academics to agree to be featured on the websites of participating cryptocurrency projects. This includes a picture, a description of their academic record and qualifications should be provided and posted on these websites. TotalCrypto advises that participating cryptos create a section below the team page called ‘Research Fellows’. Alternatively a new category called ‘Research Fellows’ could be added to the site. It is advised that all academics who have agreed to be associated with the project should be listed here.
  • To see if any academics are interested in doing field work in the case study location and helping us run the exchange.

In summary: The goal of this step is to spread the word about the case study in the academic community and gain academic support. It’s important to tap into this academic wisdom and TotalCrypto recommends the refinement of this blueprint where it makes sense to do so.

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