Mentor & Entrepreneur Outreach

Reading Time: 2 minutes ;  Published: 1 year ago on May 26, 2020

A network of incubator contributors will be needed to support, mentor and recommend resources to these aspiring incubee entrepreneurs. This outreach campaign has the goal of onboarding two types of incubator contributors:

  • Mentor contributors: Are envisioned to be entrepreneurs or people with relevant ecommerce skills e.g. SEO. The idea is that mentor contributors would run livestreamed seminars on their field of expertise and share their knowledge with incubees. Their role is to support and teach incubees with guidance via email, video calls and messaging apps like Telegram.
  • Knowledge base contributors: Are tasked with aggregating useful online business resources into a single centralized knowledge base. These resources are to be in local language and should be categorised based on business topic. This knowledge base would then be used as a reference point for incubees to help them learn the necessary skills for running a successful online business. The resources aggregated into the knowledge base could be in either written or video format. Seminars run by mentor contributors should also be housed in the knowledge base, as a video, for later review by incubees.

TotalCrypto advises first reaching out to the communities of participating cryptocurrency projects for help via social channels. Outreach to people outside of the project’s sphere of influence can be achieved by:

  • Outreach campaigns targeted at entrepreneurs and key employees that operate countries that speak the native language of the case study area. The message is simple: Will you donate a few hours a month to help disadvantaged people create a better life for themselves and their community? 
  • Press releases announcing the search for incubator contributors and the incentive scheme in place.
  • Guest posts on cryptocurrency and tech websites.
  • Asking charities if they would send a mailer on behalf of participating crypto projects to their mailing list.

Whilst spreading the word about incubator contributor opportunities, it is advised that an option for the recipient to donate to the cause in crypto or fiat should be provided. It is envisioned that donations should be completely ring fenced and solely used to finance the case study project. 

Mentor contributors will not be able to help with the project until the incubator has been successfully established in the case study location. However, knowledge base contributors start right away with curating, categorising and even making business education resources. The resources can be text, video and image based. The idea is that the knowledge base provides a focused library of business resources to facilitate the learning of incubees. TotalCrypto recommends that this knowledge base should be developed as much as possible before the incubator has been properly established. This means incubees would be able to draw upon a valuable resource from day one.

It is advised that the proposed user generated knowledge base should be hosted by participating crypto projects and that prominent members of the community should also be made official moderators. The knowledge base would effectively be a Wikipedia for business and open to public contribution.

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