What Does the Gatekeeper do?

Reading Time: 2 minutes ;  Published: 1 year ago on May 26, 2020

It is proposed that the gatekeeper fulfils a variety of roles.


  • Taking custody of the keys to the local office and is responsible for opening and locking it daily.
  • Paying rent for the local office in cash, if required.
  • Employing local help to operate the office (the amount of help required will depend on the size of the case study location being served). The gatekeeper is responsible for interviewing and giving hired locals their physical contracts to sign and to scan/send these back to the team of the participating crypto projects. 
  • Setting up the local office and procuring/signing for incubator equipment. 
  • Ensuring there is an internet connection set up for the local office and manage maintenance bills.

The Exchange:

  • The exchange will require a small amount of cash on hand to be able to convert cryptocurrency into local currency. This cash needs to be managed and accounted for by the gatekeeper.
  • Cash supplies will need to be restocked. The gatekeeper will need to be able to drive and resupply the exchange’s cash supplies when needed.
  • The gatekeeper must have a working knowledge of cryptocurrency and how transactions work. This means there is someone there to troubleshoot.
  • The gatekeeper trains and manages locals employed at the exchange.

The Incubator:

  • The incubator will contain equipment that has value and the gatekeeper’s responsibility is monitor the equipment, keep track of inventory and act as an additional disincentive to theft. 
  • The gatekeeper will also set up incubator equipment and deploy additional theft disincentives.
  • Incubator monitoring and troubleshooting e.g. ensuring that video calls are setup correctly.

Additional Responsibilities:

The gatekeeper would be the link between the case study and the team of participating crypto projects/outside world:

  • A weekly report should be done over Skype to provide updates on the case study.
  • Photographic/video documentation should be taken by the gatekeeper. This media will then be used in marketing initiatives.
  • A weekly transaction & incubator inventory report should be provided over email. This should include:
    • The cash on hand at the exchange and a photo of this cash inventory.
    • Evidence of cash withdrawals from the bank.
    • An itemised breakdown of anything that is missing or has been broken in the office or incubator in the previous week.

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