This is the first in what I hope will be an ongoing series of TA posts on NIM

'Technical analysis'- the phrase that launches a hundred arguments. "Technical analysis and crypto" causes fist fights 🙂 It's voodoo. It's...

8 months ago on September 21, 2019

Bidali has added support for Nimiq

Bidali, an online store and payment processor, officially announced support for Nimiq as a payment method on their payments platform...

1 year ago on May 30, 2019

Getting Started with Nimiq

See how to create a Nimiq account and how to access the blockchain in this simple video. The links to...

1 year ago on May 17, 2019

Introduction to the Nimiq Onboarding

See how to receive your first NIM in crypto currency in the chain of Nimiq blocks. The Nimiq Onboarding process...

1 year ago on

Interview with Matthias von Hauff, CEO of WEG Bank: Why does a bank cooperate with crypto service providers?

WEG Bank AG, based in the Bavarian municipality of Ottobrunn with a balance sheet total of around 90 million euros,...

1 year ago on April 28, 2019

How to use the cryptocurrency wallet Coinomi

In this demonstrative video you will learn how to install, set up, and restore the cryptocurrency wallet Coinomi, also you...

1 year ago on January 24, 2019

How to create an account on

Learn how to create an account on the cryptocurrency exchange, formerly

1 year ago on January 8, 2019

The Year of NIM

End of year message from the Nimiq Team sharing the highlights of the year 2018: This year has been pretty...

1 year ago on January 5, 2019

The NET is Dead, Long Live the NIM

Those following closely the evolution of the decentralized payment protocol Nimiq and the NIM cryptocurrency, now have received the news...

1 year ago on December 10, 2018

Projecto Nimizuela Has Added Another Faucet

Now Projecto Nimizuela has added a new faucet, to give away small incentives in NIM with the aim of raising...

1 year ago on

How to Mine Nimiq via the Browser and Earn the Cryptocurrency NIM

A step by step tutorial in how to start mining the cryptocurrency Nimiq with your Browser using only your CPU....

1 year ago on

Project Nimizuela Now Has A Faucet

Get NIM for free… thanks to community member smitop we have added a faucet to Project Nimizuela's landing page. To get your...

1 year ago on

Nimiq Infographic

Little infographic explaining Nimiq in a relatively exhaustive manner to other crypto-enthusiats made by Nimiq community member –Talleyrand–

1 year ago on

Nimiq The First Web-Browser-Based Blockchain

In this short video you'll find a brief introduction to blockchains in general and to Nimiq, the first web-browser-based blockchain,...

1 year ago on